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Looking for something in the stores near you?

Want to save time comparing prices locally?

Tired of wasted trips to the store only to find out the information online was wrong?

Post your search using TagIt4Me and get help from other shoppers. Just tell them what you're looking for, where you're looking and how soon you need to find it. You can even include images to make it easier to identify.

With TagIt4Me you can search anywhere, not just the big box stores. Find what you want at flea markets, thrift stores, or even garage and estate sales.

Help Others Search

Help other shoppers find what they're looking for by "tagging" their items when you see them.

Include photos and details, like the price, quantity available and where the item is located in the store.

TagIt4Me will make it worth your while by rewarding you for your help.

Share Shoppable Discoveries

Do you have a knack for uncovering deals and finding the hot products that make other shoppers jealous?

Share your discoveries on TagIt4Me so other shoppers can benefit from them and we'll reward you for your skills.

Explore Shoppable Discoveries

Wondering what hidden deals or sought after items are available near you?

Use TagIt4Me to view the tag-worthy discoveries shared by other shoppers nearby.

With TagIt4Me you'll see more than just the store published sales. You'll find clearance prices, closeout items and store specific pricing that isn't always available online.

Earn Rewards

Want free gift cards? What if you could get them just for helping other shoppers find what they're looking for?

With TagIt4Me, any time you help another shopper by responding to a search or sharing a shoppable deal, you'll earn Tagger $wagger that you can redeem for gift cards from your favorite stores.

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At TagIt4Me we're all about reintroducing shoppers to the local retailer. If you have a physical location where you sell things, we'd love to make that introduction for you.

Want your shoppers to be able to search your inventory without having to maintain your inventory? Let's talk.

Brands, we don't want you to feel left out. Let us help you make it simple for shoppers to find your products, no matter where they're being sold.

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